Volleyball in Italy

Volleyball in Italy

Both the Italian men and women’s volley-ball teams have been world champions and it is the second most popular national sport so what a great opportunity for you to come and play against an Italian team whilst based in a beautiful location.

Training and pro coaching sessions can be arranged plus tickets for club matches.

Our Volleyball tours to Italy offers:

  • Friendly games v local Italian opposition;
  • Self-led training at local facility;
  • Training sessions by Italian or international coaches;
  • Beach Volleyball;
  • Pre -season tour;
  • Workshop for coaches and player;
  • Summer Volleyball camp;
  • Tickets for the Super League.

Combination of social activities such as Gardaland or a waterpark and tourist attractions …visiting some of the most beautiful cities in the world like Rome, Verona, Milan or Venice, all with English speaking tour guides. They will make your itinerary unforgettable.

There will also be time for an amazing pizza and for a delicious Italian ice cream.

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